Bias Brewing – Kalispell, Montana


1. Show up at Bias at 6pm on Thursdays.

2. Grab one of our cribbage boards (or bring your own) and find a table!

3. Find an opponent. You can play with anyone – we do not run a bracket. (Don’t worry if you come alone! That usually means you get to play with Liz.)

4. Drink cheap beer! ($1 off all 12oz beverages for anyone playing.)

1. There are several ways to win instant prizes! Come see Liz if any of these happen.

  • Get a 20+ hand.
  • Get a flush in the crib (all 5 cards).
  • Get the exact same hand as your opponent. (You both get a prize).
  • Get 4 of a kind.

2. Ways to win for the night:

  • When you win a game, come tell Amanda how much you won by.
  • You can report up to 3 wins.
  • The 3 players with the most points get prizes, announced at 8pm.

3. How to win the season:

  • All your points for the whole season will be tallied up.
  • The top 3 players will receive big prizes, such as a 1-year membership to our beer club, “Friends With Benefits”. (Friends With Benefits members get a free growler and a free pint every month for a year and drink free on their birthdays.)